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Road Triage

Comprehensive, Objective Roadway Assessment

Road Triage is a groundbreaking technology that uses crowd-sourced-data to analyze the driven environment, improving road maintenance efficiency while saving money and improving safety. Using proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the condition of transportation assets such as traffic signs, road markings and pavement condition are cataloged and assessed. The results are used to support critical infrastructure maintenance decisions that improve resource allocation efficiency, support root-cause-analysis, and predictive asset decay studies.

Road Triage Uses

Road Triage can be used by anyone who values timely, objective, acurate and comprehensive roadway assement data. How can you use Road Triage?

Government Organizations

Improve road assessment accuracy, objectivity and reach. Results from a 2019 NCDOT Road Triage pilot illustrated the potential for better results for roughly half the cost of current manually collected methodologies. Resulting datasets can be used for root cause analysis, provide asset degradation insights, and accident correlation studies – potentially improving roadway safety, condition, and associated traffic congestion.

Engineering & Consulting Firms

Increase your bottom line and strengthen your value proposition to current and potential clients. In today’s rapidly changing market, it is imperative that you stay ahead of your competition. Road Triage will allow you to provide high quality, timely data to your clients at a reduced cost. If you are not leading, you are following. Road Triage enables market leaders.